Submission Guidelines:
We want to hear from You!

1. The author must be a CIU student, faculty, alumnus, or staff and must submit the piece by the issue deadline.

2. Submissions should be between 1 and 2000 words, depending on the nature of the submission.

3. We accept a wide range of articles, from philosophical/theological/biblical topics, current issues related
to CIU or world events, CIU happenings, personal stories, to book reviews, movie reviews, or local restaurant/venue reviews.

4. We have the right to reject any contribution.

5. Neither The Pilgrim’s Protest - nor CIU - nor West 2 Productions - necessarily endorse the ideas or content of this publication.

Ways you can contribute:

1. Sound-off or a letter to the editor: short responses to something you saw or would like to see in the
publication, or just your comments about anything in general.

2. Articles & Opinion pieces: More in-depth thoughts 300 words or more.

Submit all works via e-mail or to CIU Box 671.

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