Camren Cheline  

Camren Cheline was born in Denver but had the distinct privilege to grow up in the vibrant locale of Austin, Texas instead. He grew up making graphics and videos, which have been shown to only a select few - for good reason.

After meeting the group of guys from West 2, and living with most of the members of West 2 Productions his last two years of college, Cam could not escape his growing passion for film and video. He is currently working back in Austin, hoping to be back some day with West 2 - part of a team who would push the envelope of what a small group of creative minds is capable of.

As much as he loves Austin, Camren loves being elsewhere more - and his love for travel not only fits in well with a video career, it helped him meet his Welsh fiancée, Katie. His aspiration is to tell stories - stories that are real - stories that resonate - stories that reinvent what we think we know.

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Status: Fallen to the power of the Ring