Mark Mahaffey's Filmography


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Feature Films
Religion, Sex & Politics (in pre-production) (Director/Editor)
The Lord of the Ring: The Fellows and the Ring (Editor/Producer/Creator)
A Soldier's Requiem (Editor)

Theatrical Performances
A Peculiar Christmas (Director/Editor)

I’ll Never Go Back: A Shaman’s Story
A Peculiar Christmas trailer

Short Films
How Should We Men Live? (Editing Intern)
Roger Ebert Presents... (Editor/Producer/Camera)
Matrix International University (Co-Director/Editor/Producer)

Church Promos
Columbia Crossroads Children's Ministry (Director/Camera/Editor)
First Presbyterian Youth Group Video (Editor)
Gateway Baptist Fundraising Video (Editor)

Wilson Wedding (Editor)
Aylestock Wedding (Editor)
Bocker Wedding (Editor/Camera)
and many, many more...

Engagement Videos
Michael/Natow (Director/Editor/Camera)

Video Courses
Greek I and II - Dr. John Harvey (Editor)
Greek III and IV - Dr. William Larkin (Editor)
Hermenuetics - Dr. John Harvey (Editor)
Biblical Foundation for Curriculum - Dr. Milt Uecker (Director)

Memorial Videos
Mrs. Muriel McQuilkin (Director/Editor)
Dr. Ken Mulholland (Director/Editor)
Mrs. Patricia King (Director/Editor)

Samuel Zwemer: Glory of the Impossible (Co-Director/Editor)

Stop-motion Animation
The Unlucky Peasant (Co-Director/Editor/Camera)

Music Videos
He Is (Co-Director/Editor)
Stuck In a Moment: U2 Manhouse (Director/Editor/Producer/Camera)
Smitty on a Hill (Producer)

Art Films
Psuedo (Director/Editor/Producer/Camera)

DVD Work
Interactive Menus
Cast Interviews
Making of Specials

Youth Conferences
Columbia Conference 2003 (Director/Editor/Co-Producer)
CIU Welcome Week 2001 (Editor/Co-Producer)

Ministry Videos
AIM Hunting Ministry (Editor/Producer)
Mark Dye - Turkana People Group (Editor/Co-Producer)

Computer Software
Walking in their Sandals (Editor/Animator)

A Peculiar Christmas
Lord of the Ring: The Fellows and the Ring
Matrix International University (Teaser/2 trailers)

Parody Trailers
Riverdance in a Worship Context
Prayer of Jabez: The Movie
How Should We Men Live 2
A West 2 Story


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