Truth. A difficult thing to define.

Rod and Chelle don't really think about Truth much. Right now they're too worried about what to do with the baby-on-the-way. Rod's parents aren't much help - they've disowned him - and Rod's mom is oddly preoccupied with Scott, the new guy in town who considers himself to be a "generally religious person."

Edge, despite his odd name, has high hopes in his endeavor to save the children of America from the evils of video games - but with a love interest for a co-worker and a closetful of difficulties weighing him down, it seems the Truth may catch up with him.

Meanwhile, Skye, a twenty-something dog-lover who just lost his live-in girlfriend because he found religion, finds that the Truth is the most restrictive freedom he's ever known.

In politics, there is facade. In religion, there is masquerade. In sex, there is deceit.

It's time to take off the masks.

It's time for the Truth.