Past Update Archive

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See about the on-set engament here.

12/17/03 - DVD production in progress. Look for the hour-long feature, as well as another 2 hours of special features. Merry Christmas!

11/04/03 - PREMIERE DATE SET for 9:00pm, Wednesday November 12, Hoke Auditorium, CIU.

10/21/03 - Last scene finally shot last night, to great success. Editing, dialogue, sound effects and music are the order of the week.

10/20/03 - Dialogue Replacement began this week. Orchestra is being assembled to record next week. Last scene pickup to be shot tonight.

10/13/03 - West II Collection released - find out more on the Upcoming Projects page. First full movie trailer completed - look for it later this week! Last scene pickup to be shot this week as well.

10/8/03 - Work has been going on in music recording, composing, dialogue replacement, trailer creation and more! Soon to be released; November fast approacheth.

9/20/03 - Introduction and first chapter of "For Love and Honey," Curtis Entrekin's online serial novella, are here!

9/17/03 - Links page updated. Upcoming Projects section added.

9/2/03 - Dialogue replacement and sound editing beginning this week, as the process picks back up. New production pics coming later this week as well.

8/6/03- Waiting now on the return of the cast to school to begin dialogue replacement. Roughly final visual edit of the film sent to be scored this week.

7/8/03- A break has been taken for a couple of weeks (for the 4th, and to let the movie simmer). On schedule for our November release date!

6/28/03- Work continues; instrumental tracks for the vocal music from the film began recording today. Sound editing will begin in the next weeks as the entire film is rough cut (minus the pickup scenes left to be filmed).

6/18/03- New poster designs in process on the PR Campaign page.

6/13/03- Teaser Trailer 1 has arrived! Make sure to check it out.

6/11/03- Production Pictures section updated (with thumbnails).

6/04/03 - Nearly the entire movie is rough cut.

5/27/03- The first half of the film is rough cut, working on dialogue editing - thankfully there will only be a few places that need dialogue replacement. All is progressing well!

5/23/03- Work began on editing this week - First few scenes are already rough cut, voiceovers were recorded, and the process is in process.

5/13/03 - Added new production pictures. (This section to be updated at least twice a week, so check back often!)

5/8/03- Finished shooting two more scenes last night. The halfway point has been reached for filming. We are still on track to complete principal photography by the beginning of next week. Thanks to everyone, and thank the Lord that the rain held off last night to finish shooting. Onward!

5/5/03 - First day of principal photography was yesterday. Three introductory scenes completed. Tonight's (Monday's) shoot is moved to this Wednesday due to extenuating circumstances.

4/25/03 - Shooting schedule is complete and posted. All cast should have recieved one from Mark or in the campus mail by Monday. Principal photography will indeed be finished before the semester is out, when post-production can begin. Thanks to all who have helped so far!

4/19/03 - With the shooting script complete and distributed, the shooting schedule is nearly complete. Filming should run from Sunday April 27th through May the 14th. The cast and crew are finally in place; let it begin!

4/15/03 - Composer Phil Schanely has completed his music for the prologue and plans to record it over the next weeks with his hand-picked ensemble up in Cedarville, Ohio. All reports are that it sounds wonderful.

3/16/03 - Master scriptwriter Ken Johnson works with the rest of Manhouse Scripting to finish the final draft of the script before we dive into production by the end of the month. The behind-the-scenes preparation is nearly complete, and an insane filming schedule will soon arrive at our doorstep!

3/04/03 - West 2 Productions continues work on its parody of Tolkien's classic, THE LORD OF THE RINGS. With the prologue almost entirely complete, the aspiring film makers press on . . . after a brief vacation. Though in the process of taking a break to focus on more pressing matters (their college education), Director TIM WILSON and Cinematographers TIM JACKSON & MARK MAHAFFEY, say they are still on schedule to complete filming in late May 2003. Then, the post-production team will "kick it into high gear" in anticipation of the movie's premiere for November 2003. Stay tuned for further updates...