Elrond's breastplate, built by Jason Bradley.


Council Scene.


Inventing elven costumes.


Army assembling.


Elrond (Luther Lown) in chain maille of his own design.


Last-minute touches (Jacob, Mark, Luther, & Newlin)

Filming an elvish army (Tim, Mark, & Jordan)

Getting all gussied up for the ladies (Camren Cheline)


Assembling the elves

Luther's Dream Fulfilled (Luther Lown and elvish company)

Sword Elf (D'Anna Stidham)

Murray's Ring of Engagement (Mark, Tim, and Kris)

Series 1: Becoming an orc (Nathan & Laurie)

Series 2: Becoming an orc (Laurie Kennedy)


Series 3: Becoming an orc (Laurie Kennedy)

Principal photography wraps! (Willy, Nic, Nathan, Mark, Cam, Doug, & Laurie)

Rehearsing the death scene (Dan Vance & Curtis Entrekin)

The essence of creativity - the eyes of a child! (Andrew Crutchfield)

Gandalf and the hobbits (Willy Peters, Mark Mahaffey, Tim Jackson, Kris Foster, Kevin Flickner)


Aragorn prepares for battle (Dan Vance)

Filmshots 051sm
Dr. Crutchfield at the council.

2nd_Filmshots 072

The hobbits dance the night away.

2ndFilmshots 005

Shooting the Council of Elrond.


2ndFilmshots 020

Saruman assists Gandalf With his robes (Mark & John)

2ndFilmshots 022

Gandalf loves on the camera in the Manhouse.

2ndFilmshots 024

Screenwriter Ken Johnson tries out Bilbo's pipe

2ndFilmshots 025

Bilbo & Gandalf discuss the Ring.

2ndFilmshots 008

Frodo Baggins (Willy Peters)

2nd FilmshotsAnother

Saruman & orc. (John Lyle & Andrew Merritt)

2ndFilmshots 038

Tim Wilson directs Mark and Willy.

2ndFilmshots 040

Frodo & Gandalf at the tree.

2ndFilmshots 041

AD Nic Pfost at work

2ndFilmshots 049

Samwise snags some zzz's.

2ndFilmshots 052

Galadriel (Katie Clinebelle)

2ndFilmshots 053

Frodo helps Boromir (Curtis Entrekin) look deathly.

2ndFilmshots 071

Practicing for the party scene

2ndFilmshots 074

Merry & Pippin. (Kevin Flickner & Kris Foster)

Filmshots 070sm

Rosie dancing at Bilbo's Graduation Party (Meredith Pritchett)

Filmshots 001sm

AD Camren Cheline consults with Frodo (Willy Peters)

Filmshots 067sm

Samwise Gamgee (Tim Jackson).

Filmshots 002sm

A sacrifice to be a hobbit.

Filmshots 004sm

Sound guy as head double for Elrond. (Andy Shire)

Filmshots 061sm

Blocking out a scene, very late at night. (Mark, Nic, Tim, Tara, and Willy)

Filmshots 013sm

Aragorn (Dan Vance) addresses the council.

Filmshots 031sm

Double-checking (or is it first-checking?) lines. (Willy, Mark, Ken, and Tara)